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Life-Sustaining Hope: A light in the dark and a song for the heart.

If anyone is struggling in hopelessness, this concise explanation about how to find lasting Hope will be invaluable.

Chris Handley, Pastor

Life-sustaining hope: A light in the dark and a song for the heart.

Would you like hope and help for dealing with abuse? Do you need courage to face difficult days? Would you like to never walk alone?
In this short read, Dr. Hunt provides you resources that can change your mindset and provide this needed life-sustaining hope. He is a fellow of multiple scientific societies, a veteran, and a Presbyterian elder. His global life experiences have enabled him to be an effective ambassador of hope.

This book provides:

Encouraging examples of overcomers and heroes of hope.

Critical and succinct scriptures upon which you can stand.

Songs of hope and comfort to lift and support your spirit.

This book can encourage and exhort anyone. Let it be an encouragement to you and to those you love. Let it provide Life-Sustaining Hope

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